Q30 to showcase students with “QU’s Got Talent”

Caroline Tufts

While reality TV shows comprise a large amount of what students are watching in their residence halls, Q30, the official student run broadcasting station, has not capitalized on that market with an unscripted show of their own … until now.

This spring, Q30 will introduce “QU’s Got Talent,” a campus-wide televised competition in which students will have the opportunity to showcase the abilities that make them unique and that make our community diverse in so many ways.

“We believe that there are so many people on this campus that have so many hidden talents so to speak,” said Josh Powers, Q30’s coordinating manager. “This is going to be a great venue for them to showcase these talents, have some fun, and provide for some really entertaining TV.”

The show will air in mid to late March, before the Quinnipiac Ballroom Society’s Dancing With the QU Stars event on March 23, and will air the rehearsals and behind-the-scenes happenings that led up to the event.

Natalie Royals, the show’s executive producer and sole-creator, said this coverage will serve as an introduction to not only the show, but also some of the lesser known talents at Quinnipiac.

Powers said he hopes the show will gain attention from the many familiar faces of both students and professors who will be featured.

Royals, who got her inspiration from the many “talent-type” shows on national TV, said she is excited to get the show started and feature everyday Quinnipiac students with a wide range of skills.

“Anyone can sign up, it was supposed to be “Quinnipiac Idol,” but then we figured it was better to do a contest where everyone had a chance to show off their talents, not just singers,” Royals said.

Powers said he hopes the talent competition portion of the show — for which the producers will screen and approve auditions — will begin later this semester. When that time comes, the minds behind this new show encourage anyone with a special talent to come out and join the cast.

With the introduction of “QU’s Got Talent,” students have the opportunity to be a part of a show that represents the real people who make our school all that it is.

“I hope it will bring a sense of community because so many [different types of people] will end up on TV,” Powers said. “This isn’t the show just for the polished broadcast/film majors to read from a teleprompter. This is a show that is going to include everyone’s friends.”