Editorial: QUFTO visits Saint Rose Elementary School

On Oct. 30, the members of Quinnipiac University Future Teacher’s Organization (QUFTO) shared the afternoon at St. Rose Elementary School in New Haven, CT.
They came bearing Halloween gifts and surprises. The grateful and exciting look from the children was a gift enough for most of the volunteers.
A local farm, Richard’s Orchard, was generous enough to help QUFTO by donating great pumpkins to the children of St. Rose in the after school program. The ages of the children ranged from first to fourth grade. The officers and active members of the new club had a blast helping to paint the pumpkins. The children were laughing and smiling and so happy to be spending time with us.
Julie Benson participated in the activities of the day “It was a ton of fun! I enjoyed helping the children at St. Rose of Lima paint pumpkins. They were excellent listeners and it was wonderful to see them sharing the paint and candy!,” said Benson.
Quinnipiac’s cafeteria donated ten pounds of candy to add to the day.
Thank you to all that volunteered! All in all, the children had an afternoon of laughter, pumpkins, painting, smiles, new friends and best of all- candy!