Career services promotes discover program

During career development month, the Career Services office will be planning programs and workshops to heighten Quinnipiac student’s job search.
In November, Career Service’s staff will be highlighting walk-in sessions from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday for the discover program.
Susan Hyde-Wick, assistant director of Career Services said, “These special sampling sessions are to show students what we offer and what they can get from this program. We want to let students know that programs are located in our office.”
The discover program allows students to do a self-assessment test and research different occupations using the computer assisted guidance program. The self-assessment test asks inventory questions about a person’s personality, interests, abilities, and personal values. Occupations are then generated through these inventories.
Students may conduct an occupational job search to provide their outlook of job salaries, job locations and the negative and positive aspects of the job. The program provides additional web links to access a specific job from various companies or associations.
Hyde-Wick said, “I think there are many students that do not know what is involved in this program. It helps to narrow down their options.”
In addition to the discover program, there is a graduate school search where students may access any graduate school of their preference and receive the information needed.
“Anything that you would find in a college catalog would be in this computer program,” said Hyde-Wick.
This search is designed to find criteria that are of importance to the student. For example diversity statistics, student enrollment, the major of study, male/female ratio or a school’s retention rate may be of some interest.
Rachael Fass, a junior marketing major is a student employee for career services. She said, “The staff’s promoting was effective. They definitely produced the program well, and made people very aware of it.”
Hyde-Wick plans and coordinates career development month and the annual workshops offered at Quinnipiac. She is currently coordinating the Liberal Arts networking program, the graduate school search and yoga sessions.
“I put the program together. I go and find people to help me do it,” said Hyde-Wick.
Quinnipiac staff and faculty are volunteering to speak with students about different job search techniques. Career Services will be highlighting a career presentation held in volunteer faculty classrooms. Staff offers the Myers Briggs personality test, to help students with their career goals.
Hyde-Wick talks about feedback from participants in the program.
“The staff receives many thank you notes and people tell us ‘come back again next semester.'”
After taking the Myers Briggs personality test, Pamela St. Lawrence, a junior, business major said, “A print out of my results confirms what area of study I should lean toward. I will compare this test with the discover program to see what field I want to get into.”
Career services offers four additional workshops available through the entire academic year. Including: interview, resume, job search and professional practice. Students involved in recruitment or an internship program are required to attend all four workshops. They are each one-hour long and they are alternated weekly.
“I absolutely recommend them,” Hyde-Wick said. “Building a resume will be for your benefit, students should think about making a resume for a part-time or full-time job.”
Hyde-Wick shared her thoughts about the program’s results.
“After we have finished our presentation and the people like what we have done…it makes you think that what your doing is great.”