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    7 ways to stay healthy during the holidays

    With the holiday season in full swing, there seems to be one thing on everyone’s mind: delicious food. Since the days are filled with shopping, family, friends and anything else that can be jammed in, it can be hard to think about what is really good for your body. So, here are a few tips to keep healthy during the holidays while still being able to indulge in everything merry that comes along with this wonderful season.

    1. Eat nutritious foods: It can be easy to fall into the fast food or continuous snacking routine because you are busy. If you do decide to snack, these are some options that are both filling and good for you:

    Popcorn, Fruit Salad, Nuts

    2. Easy substitutions: It’s simple to make classic holiday recipes a lot healthier with some quick ingredient changes:

    Evaporated milk for cream
    Broths instead of vegetable oil
    Frozen yogurt for ice cream
    Cocoa for chocolate
    Plain yogurt for sour cream

    3. Don’t overeat: If you’re afraid you’ll eat too much in one meal, start with some lighter foods. Get a plate of salad and eat that first. That should fill you up a little, leaving less room in your stomach for those high calorie foods. Eat slowly, too; it takes about 10 minutes for your brain to process that your stomach is full.

    4. Stick to a workout routine:
    Never skip a workout. This can make up for those extra treats that are so hard to pass up.

    5. Get plenty of rest: Although taking advantage of every holiday event invitation may sound like fun, it might come back to bite you in the end. Choose wisely and make sure you don’t wear yourself out.

    6. Practice portion control: “The quantity of what we eat does us more damage than what we actually eat,” said Tami Reilly, assistant athletic director for fitness and wellness. “The concept of everything in moderation is a great one to live by. Don’t exclude any of the great holiday treats you look forward to, but that doesn’t mean it is a free-for-all eating them.”

    7. Love, laugh and enjoy: The holidays are about spending time with the ones you love. So, don’t sweat the small stuff, embrace the spirit and have fun. Laughter is key to always being healthy.

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