WRECK of the Week

Daniella Appolonia

Here’s “the situation.” I’m sure New Jersey natives everywhere are ashamed of, yet amused with, MTV’s portrayal of the Garden State. For a place that with an already bad rap, “Jersey Shore” did not make things better. The new show premiered Thursday, Dec. 3, and is a cross between “The Real World” and an episode of “Rock of Love” gone bad. There are four guys and four girls living in a summer shore house in Seaside Heights, who work at the boardwalk between trips to the club to get their fist pumps on. The “guidettes” are trashy and the guys abuse massive amounts of hair gel. And of course, they are all Italian. The cast members come from all over-Rhode Island, the Bronx, Staten Island and of course, New Jersey. The two-hour pilot episode was clearly an overload of fake tans and tattoos for one night, so it was extremely painful to watch the drama unfold. Viewers even got to see a girl get punched in the face during the preview for a future episode. It is clear that the show will be a guilty, yet embarrassing, pleasure for many viewers. However, the juiceheads and conceited girls may eventually prove to be too much for audiences to handle.