WRECK of the Week

Matt Busekroos

“Saturday Night Live” featured cast member Jenny Slate is not a worthwhile addition to the long-running sketch comedy. Slate was hired over the summer as one replacement for the fired Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins. While Wilson barely added anything to the show, Watkins showed immense promise and potential. It is a shame she only had one season to prove her talent. Watkins’ impression of Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington was marvelous and her straight-laced impersonation of “Today Show” correspondant Hoda Kotb opposite Kristen Wiig’s Kathie Lee Gifford made watching “SNL” something to look forward to on Saturday evenings and not a chore like it is now. Original character celebrity blogger Angie Tempura (of the fictional BitchPleeze.com) often featured during Weekend Update was constantly hilarious, especially as she sipped on her ice coffee as if she was addicted. Slate’s Kotb does not work and it did not help that she swore on her first live episode (see photo above), which is a cardinal no-no for any cast member of the show. Maybe Slate deserves more time, but as evidenced by the wasted two and a half seasons of Casey Wilson’s presence, it may be a good idea to throw in the towel on Slate and bring back Watkins.