RAVE of the week: Minaj redeems herself with ‘Starships’

Shannon Corcoran

After a ridiculed performance at the recent Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj has been able to redeem herself with the release of her newest single, “Starships.”

“Starships were meant to fly” is the first line to the track that is hands down one of Minaj’s best yet. Quirky, catchy and certainly addictive, “Starships” is radio hit material.

The upbeat tone combined with Minaj’s unique voice makes it spectacular. It is one of those singles that Minaj listeners have been waiting for, but did not know when to expect it. In traditional Nicki Minaj fashion, the lyrics are puzzling, but then again, the meaning is not important when the beat is this good.

It is one of those tracks that makes listeners want to dance the moment the song begins, and not stop. The way Minaj flawlessly adds her rap bits in “Starships” is so unique, just like the song’s other aspects.

Words really can’t describe this one though. It is pure musical genius, and if this is any indication as to what will be on her upcoming album, then Minaj fans have much to look forward to. Yes, it is that good.