Letter to the Editor: Slow down in North Lot!


Can people just slow down? As a resident of York Hill, I drive to campus less than most, but I do it at least once on a weekly basis, so I have a general idea of the parking situation. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but no, this is not another Chronicle article about how bad the parking situation at Quinnipiac is.
This is about safety and keeping students alive. At least three times this year, so far, I have nearly gotten into serious accidents with another vehicle in North Lot because they were going too fast. Drivers feel like they can enter or leave that parking lot at whatever speed they desire and pay no attention to other drivers who are trying to do the same thing. As a result, the chances for a serious crash increase, and God-forbid, injuries occur.
I would love to see Security put in speed bumps or at least think of, make up, and ultimately post speed limit signs – AND THEN ENFORCE IT! You cannot let this idiotic behavior continue, or all of these measures will happen way too late – and most likely as the result of a horrible tragedy.

Jeremy Schilling
Class of 2010