Know thy Facebook friends?

Christine Burroni

If you could live forever as a really old person, would you accept? If you had a year to live, what would you do? If you were arrested, who is the person you would use for your one phone call?

These taxing, thought-provoking and yet meaningless questions have taken the place of our favorite procrastination enablers, FarmVille and Happy Aquarium. That’s right, Social Interview, one of the hottest Facebook applications, has taken over the newsfeed of every avid Facebook user and the time of every college student.

It’s an interview that you don’t need to come prepared with a résumé, and business attire isn’t even a thought.

If you haven’t been on Facebook in the past few weeks or are oblivious to the virtual world, Social Interview consists of 25 questions asking thought-provoking questions about yourself or your friends, and the answers are inevitably published for Facebook community viewing. Although quicker and less time-consuming than the infamous FarmVille, the Social Interview questions can take some time depending on what is asked. So essentially, you are wasting more time thinking about where your favorite vacation spot is, or what you would say to your favorite celebrity.

Fortunately and thankfully, you can “skip” questions, refusing to answer anything about anyone you don’t know or haven’t talked to since your junior year of high school, which is the majority of your Facebook friends anyway, right?

Social Interview, which is purely meant for entertainment, is just another way for us to be distracted from our work. Although it can take less time than our other favorite applications, you can “interview” as many times as you like, hoping to get different questions each time.

The funny thing about these “interview” questions is that they actually have depth to them, forcing you to think what would make you sound morally correct to the rest of the Facebook world, because you know they’ll see it eventually through their current “Live Feed.” “Hmm.what would sound good here,” is what you’re thinking when you come across a tricky question. Some people are bluntly honest, and some are even funny when it comes to their answers.

Obviously, there is are no right or wrong answers. And don’t worry, there are no results to this interview. You won’t get a callback or a second interview. Say what you want.