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Sophomore’s Quinnipiac memes go viral

Hilarious quips about the Ratt, CAS, Toad’s Place and the spring concert can now be found on the Quinnipiac University Memes Facebook page.

Sophomore Tom Valerio created the Facebook page this past Saturday, which gained 804 “likes” in a 48-hour span.

Valerio posted on his Facebook page yesterday, “I’ve become a quinnipiac legend over night….thank you internet.”

“I’m extremely surprised that it has gotten the amount of attention that it has gotten,” Valerio told the Chronicle. “I thought that it was going to just be between me and my friends but I’m really happy that it has spread to the entire campus and that people are sharing their memes.”

According to, a meme is “an item of pop culture propagated via word of mouth.” In this case, a meme is a humorous picture from pop culture with a witty phrase.

Within the past two weeks, college-specific memes have gone viral via Facebook and the Internet.

With 198 “likes,” the meme about North Lot parking has earned the label of crowd favorite.

With an image of Boromir from “Lord of the Rings,” the meme reads, “One does not simply get a spot in North Lot.”

Valerio said he gets his meme inspiration from campus phrases, events and landmarks.

“You just have to see who you go to school with and then come up with something original and funny,” Valerio said.

Boston University, Yale University, Penn State, Purdue and Rutgers University are a few of the many universities to recently adopt campus-specific memes.

“I think it is sort of funny, but some of them don’t really make sense,” freshman Samantha Chasse said. “All the jokes on there aren’t new.”

Senior Kevin Mahoney says the frequent posts are funny, especially since the memes are relevant to Quinnipiac.

“I wouldn’t say that it represents Quinnipiac positively or negatively, but rather accurately,” Mahoney said. “Let’s be honest, our university is known for having students who love to complain about the smallest inconvenience in the bubble that is QU.”

Junior Tara Irving said the Facebook page is successfully fulfilling its purpose — to entertain the student body.

“I love the meme page, it is so fun,” Irving said. “I wanted to make one before when I saw other colleges put them up on Facebook, but I didn’t have any witty memes to make.”

Other meme topics are inspired by common campus complaints such as overpriced cafeteria foods, the Ratt’s early closing times and York Hill shuttle inconsistencies.

A meme with an image of a hiker among snowy mountains reads, “Half a gallon of orange juice over 5 dollars at York Hill? Better drink my own piss.”

For now, it seems the meme momentum will only continue to pick up speed.

“I just want it to keep going,” Valerio said. “I want myself and all of the fans of the page to continue utilizing the page and creating memes for everybody to see and enjoy.”

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