RAVE of the Week


Nickelodeon’s newest game show “BrainSurge” harkens back to the classic shows from the ’80s and ’90s. Hosted by Jeff Sutphen, “BrainSurge” challenges the memory and comprehension skills of its contestants. Each round features the elimination of contestants until the final kid stands where they must correctly remember patterns on 4×4-, 5×5- and 6×6-sized illuminated floors. The contestant is given 90 seconds to compete and win prizes for each successful round. However, if the contestant loses, they must go down the “Brain Drain” (a really super cool-looking slide filled with sloppiness and slime). Watching “BrainSurge” is like opening a door to childhood memories where shows like “Family Double Dare,” “What Would You Do,” “Global GUTS” and “Legends of the Hidden Temple” filled the Nickelodeon schedule. While Nickelodeon will probably never be able to fully re-capture that golden time with any new show, “BrainSurge” is a welcome reminder to a simpler time before everyone and everything in life got to be so complicated.