Fear: SPB game show event kicks off Oktoberfest festivities with a success

Nicole Fano

Fear was not a factor on Friday, Oct. 23 when the Student Programming Board (SPB) sponsored a “Fear Factor” inspired game show held in Alumni Hall. With an audience of roughly 40 people participants were given the opportunity to win $200 over the course of the night as well as various raffle prizes. FEAR, the game show, was hosted by G.P. Entertainment. Sophomore business major Kirk Medrzychowski won four Sean Kingston concert tickets.

FEAR was SPB’s kickoff event for Quinnipiac’s Oktoberfest. Between the snacks, decorations, prizes, raffles, and musical entertainment, it was clear that this event took a great deal of time and effort to coordinate.

“The FEAR event took about seven weeks to plan. We also spent a lot of time promoting the event, you may have seen us advertising in the school store window,” sophomore SPB member Jessica Goggi said.

Massachusetts high school band “Small Talk” performed for audience members before the game show began. Band members Jimmy, Drew, and Matt performed several of their songs including “Change Your Mind” and “Footsteps of a Girl.” Small Talk will be opening for Sean Kingston on Nov.1.

In the spirit of the Halloween season, the game show challenges consisted of phobia and horror movie trivia as well as a mysterious food challenge. Sophomore Vin Bond and senior Rachel Smoller were two of the four students who participated in the questionable food race. The person who filled a container with the mixture without using their hands first won the prize.

“The mixture looked like an assortment of things, but mainly looked like very mushy chili. It did not look very appetizing at all,” sophomore Danielle Potter said, who observed from the audience. For any students who missed the stunts, SPB has made a video available on YouTube.

In the upcoming weeks SPB has organized several events, including a debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana on Nov. 6 and the Mr. Quinnipiac pageant on Nov. 7.

“The goal of SPB is to bring a sense of community to Quinnipiac,” Goggi said. “We want to encourage student involvement through fun events, activities, and entertainment. We are always looking for new members too.”