Early snow leaves students storming

Brittany Boyer

New England is known for having some of the most scenic and enjoyable fall seasons in the country. We have the beautiful foliage surrounding us, the most savory apples imaginable and of course, the occasional blizzard just to keep you on your toes.

That’s right, I said blizzard. On Oct. 15, we lucky New Englanders were blessed with one of the earliest snowfalls to hit Connecticut in the past two decades. Normally the first snowfall of the year leaves residents elated, ready to build snowmen and curl up on their futon with a big mug of hot chocolate. However, for some reason this year was a little different. People were pissed.

I saw no snowballs being thrown, no sleds plummeting down Bobcat Way and no tongues in the air ready to catch the fluffy flakes. All I saw were blank stares and looks of disbelief. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: It was Oct. 15.

Most of us are used to the unpredictable New England weather and usually just take it with a grain of salt. We put up with on and off drizzles, light winds that leave small children gusting through the air and possible thunderstorms that leave even the bravest of people hiding under the covers. Sorry, Mother Nature, but this time you took it a little too far. Two weeks ago I was still wearing flip-flops to class and now I am being forced to yank up my Ugg boots and venture out into some sort of Winter Wonderland.

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow just as much as the next person. It gets you days off of school, gives you a reason to stay in your pajamas all day and is the perfect way to getting you in the holiday spirit. The thing is however, we have yet to even get through Halloween.

I just want a little adjustment period where I can slowly adapt to the long, cold winter ahead. Let us get accustomed to the idea of weather in the 50s first, and then maybe we can start to talk about the possibility of snow. Those of us residing in New England were just put through one of the dreariest and damp summers imaginable. All I’m asking for, Mother Nature, is for you to cut us a little slack.

We all know that the winters in New England are some of the longest and grueling in the country, and most of the time people are pretty lenient and understanding about it. The key phrase here being “most of the time.” Oct. 15 was the exception to that rule. October is far too early to worry about getting frost bite or pneumonia. I don’t care if we are in New England. It should never snow this early in the season. I’m just not ready for Santa Claus yet.