Baby, it’s cold outside

Sarah Rosenberg

Lately, the most serious dilemma I have had to face has nothing to do with school. There’s always something to stress about when it comes to classes, but I’m more concerned by the fact that it’s only October and already I need a parka before I venture out of my dorm. Halloween hasn’t even hit, and I’m considering dressing up as an Eskimo in New Haven so my body doesn’t freeze over while I’m celebrating. I underestimated Mother Nature this year-my summer shorts and dresses are ready for wear in my wardrobe closet, but I only have enough long-sleeved shirts and sweaters to last me this week alone. But I have learned that finding the perfect winter necessities can lift one’s mood as the days get shorter and walking around campus gets colder.

Let’s try to make the best of this prematurely frozen fall. If there’s anything you need to start unpacking, it’s a jacket. But, I say get rid of the North Face and invest in a bomber jacket: it’s a fierce alternative to the conventional coat you and half of Connecticut probably own. These jackets are snug enough to keep you warm, but versatile as well. The short fit complements jeans-think of it as wearing an awesome top that just happens to keep you warm. American Eagle just released its plaid bomber jacket in dark hues of black, gray and navy, so you can pair it with patterned scarves, slick boots, or jeans in any wash or color.

Urban Outfitters has the ultimate faux leather bomber that would put any North Face to shame. In red, black or brown, its owner can be rocking out to the new weather instead of hiding from it. Adorned with a sleek hood, there’s no excuse not to be looking good and feeling warm at the same time during the weather where we’d rather run out in a layered gray suit. So ditch the sweatshirt for a more appealing jacket and leave the gray suit in your dorm.

To keep warm during class, vests can be a practical investment. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about those puffy, nylon numbers that make you look like a marshmallow. I’m thinking flashy fur vests or fleece vests with sharp buttons. I’m thinking Forever 21, every shopper’s go-to for the inexpensive, yet daring pieces of clothing. Again, I’m hardly disappointed-picture snow white, brown or leopard print faux fur vests both cropped and long; a gray and white fleece creation with toggle buttons; and a black suede number lined with faux fur and accented with big brass buttons. Sure, it’s bold, but so was Mother Nature’s decision to come knocking us around in the cold a bit earlier than usual.

Perhaps the most important addition one can add to her wardrobe is the sweater. You can go above and beyond your basic cable-knit or argyle addition, too. Personally, I covet oversized, menswear-looking cardigans to throw on top of any shirt or blouse. The longer the better, as the cardigan is perfect to wrap up in while just lounging around. For ultimate comfort, chain stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters sell the oversized knit sweater wraps. These sweaters are long but fashionably tailored for going out or staying in. They can be dangerous, however. They’re so comfortable you may fall asleep once you swathe yourself in their cozy sleeves and bodice.

Although the Quad may be off-limits and Frisbee is certainly out of the question, the upcoming cold weather won’t be all too miserable. Sacrificing the warm weather for the big chill ahead has its perks when it comes to fashion. Trading in your tank tops for sweaters is a hard task, but can be worth it when you receive a wrap sweater in return. With the new season, new styles to play around with, which is every fashion adherent’s most coveted hobby. Take advantage of the new weather. With the exception of your Halloween costume, I assume, stay warm in the trendiest winter clothes your favorite stores have to offer. Fashion doesn’t have to be sacrificed for the weather.