SGA Update


Hey Bobcats!

The big news coming out of this week’s Student Government meeting is that your representatives have passed a motion to create an ad-hoc committee that will be breaking ground in writing a student bill of rights.

The tentatively named “Declaration of Students’ Rights” will be a document drafted by five SGA members as well as 5-10 students and the administration under Junior Class Representative Nick Rossetti, who motioned for the committee on Oct. 7. Rossetti intends to spell out and secure certain rights that are not necessarily guaranteed in a private university setting. Once the document is drafted, the Student Government Association will work as a group to edit and possibly pass the document. If passed, the document will be enforced by national organizations like FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).

In a private university, students’ rights have the potential to be greatly diminished by the administration. The Student Handbook, while it is a valuable source simply outlines the restrictions but does not foster our individual liberties.

Rossetti is looking for students willing to work on this ad-hoc committee after more information is published on the initiative. The document is scheduled to be presented in approximately two months time.

In other SGA news, the Student Awareness Committee now has its own e-mail address to which students can submit their concerns. The address is [email protected]

Please continue to look out for this semester’s Junior and Freshman class events.

In the next few SGA updates, topics of discussion will include Mark Thompson’s New Synthesis and the Quinnipiac’s Big Event.

-Marissa Kameno

Media Relations Chair

PR Committee