RAVE of the week: Peachy Keen brings dairy delight

Sarah Rosenberg

I used to think I was clever and innovative when I stuck a Yoplait yogurt in the freezer to make my own frozen

[media-credit name=”Katie O” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]

yogurt, but then the Pinkberry’s, the Red Mango’s, and the Peachy Keen’s of the world snuck up on me. Hamden smartened up when they decided to hone in on the fro-yo craze and invite us into the world of dulce de leche and apple pie-flavored frozen heaven. Peachy Keen is the student body’s new go-to for study and class breaks, perhaps giving Kelly’s Kone Konnection and Wentworth’s a run for their money. Likewise, its prime location next to Tonino’s is also a shoe-in for attracting Quinnipiac students.Their alternating flavors and choice of toppings gives customers a food experience that is never dull. Plus, the self-serve option allows the creation of a dessert with no limits (don’t be shy to scoop up chocolate and raspberry at the same time). Essentially, the feeling one gets while eating Peachy Keen is akin to having snow on Christmas, class canceled on a Friday or your computer freezing on a picture of Ryan Gosling shirtless…except, this time, there are sprinkles and Heath Bar crunch involved.