SGA Update


Hello Bobcats,

“The Quinnipiac University Student Government Association is empowered by the students to represent the opinions, needs, and wants of its constituents.” This is a line from YOUR SGA’s mission statement.

As the year continuously progresses, it has been brought to my attention that bridging the gaps between the various campuses that compose the unified Quinnipiac community has been increasingly challenging. As president of the student body, I take great pride in Quinnipiac’s traditional small-community feel. It’s especially comforting walking through the cafeteria and being surrounded by friends or walking down Bobcat Way and passing along a smile to the next person you see.

I’m here to tell you that the Student Government Association is aware of the changes that the Quinnipiac community is undergoing. We are aware that there is a broader need to unite the community in various campus wide events. However, I’m also here to tell you that YOU are the change that this University needs in order to keep us all united as one.

As your friends commute, or prepare to commute from the York Hill and North Haven campuses, remember to keep the bonds that you have formed with them in your early undergraduate days. Also, as the community establishes its expansion in the two new environments, take some time to get to know the changes. I encourage you to take a ride over to the North Haven campus and tour the new facilities. Furthermore, take a shuttle ride up to the York Hill campus and get a view of Connecticut like it has never been seen before. Once the “Rocky Top Student Center” is completed on the York Hill campus (April 2010), members of the community will have another hub to foster a sense of unity throughout the various campuses.

As the year continues to progress, remember that location isn’t what makes or breaks a community, but the actions of those who compose it does.

Live the Legend,

Lou Venturelli