The good, the bad, the shuttle system

Julia Bucchianeri

I wanted to commend Quinnipiac for something this week: the shuttle system from York Hill to Mount Carmel campus. Moving into York Hill, I was nervous that it would be a hassle always having to wait 20 minutes for a shuttle to campus, worrying that I would be late for class some days. But I have to say that the shuttles have been very efficient and timely. It definitely saves some hassle not having to worry about parking on campus and I know that gas prices can burn a hole in pockets, so not traveling to and from campus in my car has saved me a few bucks.

Also, I’ve heard the shuttle system into New Haven has been dependable, but I think that the extreme increase in the number of freshmen has made the line even longer, wrapping down Bobcat Way past Health Services. I know that some students have been discouraged by the line and even didn’t make it out because of how long they would have to wait. Fortunately, my friends and I have rotated being the designated driver so we haven’t had to use the shuttle system yet, but I feel for the freshmen who have no other options other than paying for a $30 cab ride or waiting more than an hour for the shuttle.

On the other hand, one aspect of the shuttle system I do not understand at Quinnipiac is why the students at Whitney Village are only allowed to drive their cars to campus after a certain time and are forced into using the shuttle. How is it fair to allow all 560 some students up at York Hill parking accessibility any time of the day, but restrict the Whitney Village students to specific hours? I realize that there is reasoning behind all of the policies at Quinnipiac that administration is responsible for, but I really do not see the logic behind this.

Similar to this confusion with the shuttles, I’ve heard many health science majors complaining and wondering why there isn’t a shuttle system offered to the North Haven campus. Why isn’t there? Clearly this shuttle would not be arriving to York Hill or campus every 10 minutes, but if there was a set schedule that students could depend on and know what time they needed to be ready for their ride to class, I’m sure many would take advantage of it. I think this would be a good program for the University to implement.

I know that Quinnipiac works very hard to provide reliable transportation to and from places for the students, but I think it’s asking a lot of students to get themselves to a whole different town for class without offering any transportation. What if the student doesn’t have a car? I know that lots of students car pool but then they’re also using up way more gas than the other students who only have to go to the main campus. It just seems to make sense that there should be a shuttle offered to the North Haven campus. I know the students would appreciate it.