Fashion Disappoints at the SAG Awards

Sarah Rosenberg

Every awards season, we always focus on who wore the best and who won the top awards. Considering I’ve written about all of those things in the past (with great zeal, of course), I’m not against the countless blogs, articles and online slideshows of these celebrity fashion shows. But, for this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards I cannot say that anything our favorite celebrities wore truly stuck out to me.

Alas, the red carpet was no more than a runway for outdated trends that I’ve seen one too many times before. I’m tired of actresses trying to mimic old Hollywood bombshells by wearing fitted sequined dresses and red lipstick. The Greek-inspired empire-waist dress always looks wonderful, but how often can you rework the same template of a dress to make it more unique? And naturally, I will always ask myself how many times Angelina Jolie can consistently wear black and still successfully make every fashion list known to media and style insiders.

Thus, acknowledging actors and actresses that aren’t A-list, mixes up the content a little bit (although I love you Sofia Vergara, we all already know you can rock the hell out of a mermaid dress). For example, this year Judy Greer made a few best-dressed lists. For those of you scratching your head, she’s the typecast actress who always plays the sidekick, the trusty best girlfriend alongside big names like Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez and Katherine Heigl. She snags small roles in big-name pictures, but always manages to make those roles completely stand out. She’s talented, and finally awards aficionados got to see her tackle pre-show in her own designer dress before she presented at the ceremony. Next to personas like Emily Blunt, Michelle Williams and Emma Stone, a veteran actress finally received her fashion kudos.

Obviously, I am not ignorant to the fact that fashion is the bread and butter of awards season, but why can’t there be other lists or superlatives made in conjunction with those we constantly see from Joan Rivers and People Magazine?

Just in time for the Oscars, we can start off simple—best hair, best-dressed couple, best smile, etc. Or, to deflect from anything purely physical, perhaps citing the best celebrity quotes from red carpet interviews. Usually this is where social media sites like Twitter come into play, where interviewers, journalists and news correspondents can update their followers on what’s going on behind the scenes, what celebrities are saying and what it’s actually like to be at a top awards show. It might be an interesting take on what goes down before the stage lights come on and America’s housewives get to carry out their bets for Best Actress. Angelina’s typical black gown is old news to me, and at this point I’d rather see her assistant make the best-dressed list next year.