WRECK of the Week: Demi Does Whip-its?

Catherine Boudreau

Apparently Demi Moore whipped-it good. So good, she landed in the hospital.

Last week, the “Ghost” actress was rushed to the ER after a friend called 911, stating Moore was “convulsing” and “burning up” after “smoking something,” according to a recording of the call released by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Since her hospital visit, there have been many speculations regarding the “something” that the 49-year-old Moore was smoking. TMZ reported she had inhaled too much nitrous oxide when doing “whip-its,” while other gossip websites linked the episode to the synthetic marijuana, “spice.”

Her downward spiral is being attributed to her divorce from her husband of six years, Ashton Kutcher, for his cheating scandal. Also, the recent death of her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, who Moore referred to as “mum.”

Moore’s rep released a statement saying the actress decided to seek treatment for exhaustion and to improve her overall health.

As if the breakup wasn’t bad enough, her stint with drugs as a desperate attempt to deal depression just took bad publicity to another level.

Hopefully Demi Moore can channel her strong role in “G.I. Jane” and whip herself back into shape.