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    Fast money

    Are you running out of storage room in your dorm? Is your roommate already on your case about the mess? If you are a notorious pack rat whose array of personal belongings is getting larger by the day, read on for tips to get organized- and make money while you’re at it!

    First off, schedule some time to actually get started- usually the weekend is prime time to blast some music and get into gear. Sort out everything into piles of “stay,” “sell” and “donate.” The donation pile is stuff that you wouldn’t consider wearing in the next year and is too worn out to sell. Donation bins are usually located in parking lots of large supermarkets and department stores.

    The selling is the fun part. There are typically three options to choose from depending on the quality and quantity of your extra items: a local consignment shop, the Internet or a garage sale.

    Consignment shops, depending on the how upscale they are, may require a reservation to bring items in. Items can include anything ranging from clothes to shoes. Before you sell your clothes, make sure to ask about the contract. Some stores will take up to 60 percent of profits that are sold, while others may keep the item if it has not been purchased after a certain amount of days.

    For selling your items online, there are a lot of great Web sites to choose from. If you have old textbooks that weren’t sold back to the bookstore, is the next best thing. Other big items such as barely used cameras and purses can be sold on auction at which requires a PayPal account. When selling these items online, remember to track them daily. Don’t be shocked if the item only just starts getting bids in the last few hours! Also, is a great website for female students. They buy or sell makeup and clothing.

    “Mark is a network of young women who sell first-to-market, exclusive products – a stylish mix of makeup, skin and body care, unique fragrances and a trend-setting array of accessories. Mark is a unique and unprecedented earnings opportunity,” states the company’s official Web site.

    “I sell things online all the time, but with my expensive items I make sure to get travel insurance just in case it gets tampered with in delivery,” junior Fred Hoxsie said.

    A garage sale may be a waste of time if there are not enough items to be sold, so getting together friends and selling might be the best bet. Put signs at the nearest intersections the day before the sale, and call up your local town hall to see if a permit is required to have one. Some towns only permit garage sales on certain days.

    Finally, the “stay” pile should be able to fit properly back in the closet without problems, and your roommates should get off your back. Not only will you have a clean, more organized space but also a few extra bills in your pocket to sweeten the deal.

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