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Complaining not the answer

York Hill has bad cell phone service. The showers flood. The sink is too small. There is only one security guard. The construction will never end. The bathrooms have way too much wasted space. The common room is way too small. WE KNOW.

Now that we’ve been here for a substantial amount of time, I think the whining period is over.

Constantly talking about these problems is not doing us any good-unless you’re taking action-so stop it. I realize that some members of SGA are trying to speak on behalf of the York Hill residents and there have been a few meetings for students to vocalize their complaints, which is nice, too. But other than these steps SGA is taking and whatever administration is doing to assess these problems, I don’t see how complaining is helping.

Everyone knows that the bottom floors have terrible cell phone service. Sitting there and yelling about it does not do anything, so get up and go upstairs or hang halfway out the window if you need to make a phone call. I live on the third floor and there are some good spots throughout the apartment that work well, so search for those. Just stop crying about it.

Yes, the sinks are ridiculously small, but droning on about it isn’t making the sink grow, is it? The size of it gives you all the more reason to keep up with any dirty dishes you may have and keep the kitchen cleaner.

Administration has already tried to fix the shower situation and I think that some people exaggerate what “flooding” actually means. OK, maybe a little water gets outside of the shower, but I don’t really think the whole bathroom floor was covered. Maybe this will also give people more incentive to take faster showers and save water.

As for the construction or the actual layout of the rooms, I don’t really even understand why people bother wasting their breath talking about these problems. I agree, the construction is annoying, but we have to deal with it, as it’s going to be around for a long time. We might as well get use to it. The bathroom and common room layout are completely out of our control and already finished, so why not make the best of the extra space in the bathroom and use it for storage. And let your creative side shine through while you try and figure out a better layout for the furniture in the common room.

Let’s try to remember that we are living in a new dorm and we should feel lucky to be living there. Some schools have buildings that are so old they don’t have elevators. Most dormitories don’t have kitchens or two bathrooms. We’re also fortunate enough to have a parking garage to leave our cars in.

So again, just look at the big picture. Sure we could complain all day about the little things that drive us up a wall, but try taking the high road and remind yourself of the benefits of living up at York Hill.

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