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Editorial: Consider this year a test

Consider this year a test. A test of your tolerance. A test of your health. A test of your patience when your cell phone doesn’t work up at York Hill.

Consider what we’re all facing this year. We, mired in time and fate, find ourselves stuck in the in-between year. The construction year. The recession year. Hell, the swine flu year.

The books, the printing at the library, the lack of shuttle service to the North Haven campus – go ahead, let it all out of your system. Then let it go.

Consider this year an opportunity to test your own will – to see how far you can push yourself beyond all of the obstacles thrown in front of us. We have all been put in a tougher situation than we have anticipated. But instead of burying ourselves underneath these excuses, let us use them to our advantage. Let’s go at these obstacles head on and still come out on top.

Former Quinnipiac professor of history Jeffrey Bass was laid off last year, despite an approved tenure track evaluation and a student petition to bring him back. Over the summer, Bass moved to Arizona, now looking for a full-time job to help support his wife and two children, both of which have juvenile diabetes. And he remains in a positive mindset, as shown through a recent interview with The Chronicle.

Follow the example set by Bass. Turn aside the negatives and embrace the positives. Look forward to the future with an optimism.

It has seemed with politics, particularly the issue of healthcare, that both citizens and politicians have lost that optimism, evidenced in the verbal attack on Congressman Barney Frank and the “You lie” paroxysm of Congressman Joe Wilson. These issues will go nowhere if the amateurish garbage wrongly defined as debate continues. Rather, we should attack these issues, and all, with an open mind and an active optimism.

Consider your upcoming year as a challenge, and not a disability. Step forward with a fervor. Take the hurdles in stride.

Oh, and please wash your hands.

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