Embrace your music taste

Lenny Neslin

I am not afraid to say that my iTunes is filled with anything from Britney Spears to 2Pac.

I think many men feel embarrassed to like music by Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera, but I don’t. I like any music that has a “good beat” and that I can dance to. As long as it’s not death metal or country, I will probably like it.

I can blame my atypical music taste on my two older sisters. They would always blast their girly pop music in the car when I was around 6 years old. I would yell at them to turn it off, but after awhile I just gave up and gave in.

Giving in was a good decision though because I am happy I don’t fit the stereotype that guys only like music made by guys and vice versa for girls. Also, I definitely do not mind the fact that girls will like my music taste, because then we will already have something in common.

The lyrics hardly mean anything to me, which is sad because half the time they might be saying something that I completely disagree with. Although let’s be honest, sometimes it is impossible to understand what the singer is saying.

For the guys who are still sticking to their rap, rock and punk taste, you are missing out on the talented music of the opposite sex. If you don’t like the sound of a female’s singing voice, then that is fine. But do not hold back if you do like it just because your friends might think you are weird if you listen to it.

You might experience some embarrassment from your friends initially, but that should not matter to you because you are the one who is doing what you want and are not lying to yourself.