Ludacris headlines Bank opener


“I was in the seats, so I had a pretty good view of the stage. The floor seemed to get a little wild at times, especially with people trying to crowd surf..I actually saw a girl’s shirt get pulled down. I’m still pretty shocked that Luda was here. I guess I still feel like I’m in high school and that teachers wouldn’t really approve of the message he was sending. I thought he was definitely entertaining, but I hope next year we have more a feel-good artist that more people know, because I had no idea who all those people were that he brought out on stage. ”

-Natalie Sgro, freshman, broadcast journalism

“Ludacris was amazing. The energy that he brought was electric, and the fact he played every big hit he has had was great, instead of doing songs that many people may not have known, which made the crowd much more involved and energetic. Hellogoodbye was just OK. I don’t think they’re much of a live band because of all the effects and synthesizers that they use in their songs.”

-Mike Young, junior, media production

“It was so exciting to be there especially when he brought his friends to help perform. It was maybe the second concert I’ve ever been to, so I’m glad it was as good as it was. It was nearly perfect! I even thought Hellogoodbye was pretty good even the crowd was being so rude to them.”

-Anissa Holness, freshman, media studies

“It was a really great concert. Ludacris definitely entertained the crowd and he definitely had really good stage presence. Hellogoodbye was all right.”

-Keren Fishbain, junior, occupational therapy

“I thought it was awesome! Luda really performed well and it was awesome when Playaz Circle came out.”

-Stephen Strait, freshman, undeclared business

“I thought Ludacris was a funny guy. It was great to hear the songs I’ve heard all throughout high school. I was more happy to say goodbye than hello.”

-Grant Golden, sophomore, accounting