Students use Web to pick easiest professors

Nicole Celli

It’s that time again — registration week has arrived. Putting together different combinations of schedules, checking WebAdvisor every few hours to see if your classes are still open, praying you won’t get stuck with an 8 a.m., a Thursday night class, or a class on the North Haven campus. Besides the “when” and the “where,” students also worry about the “who.”

That’s where and come into play. These two Web sites provide valuable and useful information on many professors and their courses based on certain criteria. provides information about professors from all over the country, as well as from England, Canada, Scotland and Wales. Professors are evaluated on their clarity, easiness, helpfulness, as well as “hotness,” plus comments about the professor and the specific class the reviewing student took.

On the other hand, QU Review is much more comprehensive and as the name implies, is solely for Quinnipiac. Professors are evaluated on work load, attendance policy, test difficulty, group work, class pace, clarity, availability, amount of papers assigned and overall knowledge. Students can also see extra comments about the professor and specific class, grade received, and whether there is a midterm, final or a final exemption offered.

Although teachers may disapprove of the reasons behind the use of these Web sites, many students find the information very useful when making their choices.

“I use to judge how heavy the workload of a class might be, as well as what other students think of the class and the teacher,” said sophomore Kyla Miles.

Sophomore Meaghan Ames agrees. “I like to get an idea of the professors from other students, and what I’m in for regarding work load,” she said. “I’m much more likely to take a class where students have gotten A’s and B’s as opposed to a class where students were getting C’s.”