This phone isn’t worth $200

Andrew Fletcher

This phone only did one thing well: check e-mail when I wasn’t at my computer. That’s it. Oh, and the games, like “Teeter,” held my interest for a little bit.

The battery life is absolutely terrible (I had to charge it every night even after minimal usage). The operating system was very slow. Sprint’s Internet service also pales in comparison to Verizon’s.

I found myself waiting for the phone to listen to and complete my commands than I actually spent browsing and working with it.

The phone, to me, was a toy. Since I’ve never had a Smartphone before, having e-mail and the Internet in my pocket was nice. But after trying out this specific phone for the month or so I had it, I would never think about buying it. If I received it for free, then I wouldn’t complain.

Texting wasn’t efficient. The keyboard was touch-screen and I had to use a stylus to type. I like typing on a QWERTY keyboard with my thumbs to text.

If this phone is in competition with the Blackberry and iPhone, the latter manufacturers shouldn’t have anything to worry about.