WRECK of the week: Lost

Andrew Vazzano

A lot of people have stuck with the show through it all, but “Lost” has completely derailed from the initial theme it had going. Too many plot lines, too many loose threads and too many unresolved questions has led to more and more people flipping away in favor of other shows. The polar bears, smoke monsters, missing planes, the “others,” et cetera, have all become all too tiresome for most, and now the show is struggling for viewers and battling for a time slot. ABC must realize that this show has confused far too many people to still be relevant. A few years ago, this was the hottest show on television. If you weren’t watching it, you weren’t relevant around the watercooler. If the show has any hope left, they better start tying up their messy writing and closing doors on past topics that are all too perplexing. The show started with such promise, and now has fallen into utter disrepair. How far the mighty have fallen.