TMC releases trailer

Jenny Connell

After months of extensive promotion, the trailer for “The Mercury Cycle” was previewed April 2 in Burt Kahn Court.

The trailer preview was another opportunity to fundraise and consisted of selling T-shirts, a regret box and a paper airplane toss. Students were encouraged to see the work-in-progress.

“I got the title from the concept of the Mercurial Cycle, which is a repetitive cycle of ups and downs,” writer and director Vincent Grippi, a senior, said. “I actually came up with the idea from wild dreams and various concepts of my past.”

University of New Haven senior Bobby Ceriello plays the lead, David Bushell in the film.

“I find out that my roommates are in a Klan and I take his robe one night and disguise myself as him and that’s where I get involved with the mercury cycle,” Ceriello said. “The mercury cycle is when you take this pill where you can revisit the past.”

According to David Thomas McClain, who plays David’s creepy roommate Shamus, the Klan is a twisted therapy group consisting of university students who have personality defects.

Excitement filled the room before the trailer was shown. Ceriello had the opportunity to view the trailer beforehand, but wanted to watch it with everyone else for the first time.

“The trailer was pretty cool,” junior Michael MacLauclan said. “The effects were sharp and suspenseful.”

The final stages of filming will start in May, while editing for the feature should carry over through the summer. Grippi and co. are trying to get the film distributed, but are also looking into the option of putting the film on iTunes.