Wreck of the week

Matt Busekroos

Never on television has there been a “death” so convoluted and predictable than the demise of Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) on ABC’s sinking ship of a show, “Desperate Housewives.” It has been no secret that Sheridan has wanted off the series for some time now. Recent rumors have alleged of screaming matches between Sheridan and show creator Marc Cherry. But, what is so distasteful about all of this is how a fun, slutty character like Edie was so stupidly and ineptly killed from a show that once considered itself a dark, satirical look at suburbia, but is now a shadow of its former self. The show once played with killing Edie off at the end of the third season when she faked a suicide attempt in order to lieu Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) back into her arms. What could have been a shocking aftermath for the characters and audience to reconcile was immediately reversed when the show brought Edie back in the fourth season premiere. The execution of this storyline shines a spotlight on the program and exposes its weakness toward the endings of every story arc they create.