Q: How does SGA feel about the changes made to commencement services?

A: As an organization, we completely understand that this is a major concern for the student body. At our meeting on Wednesday, we had a large turnout of passionate students who are speaking up against the change to the commencement service. Petitions are being passed around and students are asking others to sign them, to show administration that the student body opposes the change. As with any topic, SGA is always willing to listen to students who want to speak up.
“We’re glad that students are voicing their opinion, and we’ll keep working with administration to resolve the conflicts of the situation,” said Vice President of Public Relations Heather D’Amico.
We want the student body to understand that they aren’t alone in their feelings about the change to graduation, that the effort in having commencement back on the Quad has started.
“We hope that the administration is looking out for what’s best for the students, and will continue working with students as they make significant decisions that impact our future,” said sophomore class representative Lindsay Kazin.
We encourage students to continue voicing their opinions and concerns to our organization, and to join the students who are making the effort to change the decision if you are passionate about it.

Live the Legend,
Your Student Government Association
(written by Tracy Diamond)