Club sports put on hold

Glenn Taylor

With looming budget cuts for departments across campus, there has been speculation over the status of club sports and if there will even be club programs in the future. The one guarantee is that club sports will not be starting up for the 2009-2010 academic year.

“It’ll happen at some point, but it’s not going to happen next year,” said Daniel Brown, the director of the student center and student leadership development.

It is not known exactly when any of the programs are going to be put into effect.

According to Brown, the club sports planning is still “very much in the infant stages of development.”

“Basically, it’s a very expensive program to start and maintain,” Brown said. “Since the institution is making cuts across the board, we’re not going to start any new programs.”

The halt in the progress of this program does not correlate with the progress of any other intramurals, organizations, clubs, or Division I sports programs at Quinnipiac. However, with a large portion of funds being allocated to the expansion of the cafeteria and both the York Hill and North Haven campuses, there is little room for extra spending. In addition, the struggling economy has contributed significantly to the delay, as club sports have been considered by the administration since before last September’s stock market crash.

“We need to be able to maintain what we’ve already started before we go on and start something new,” Brown said.

As of now, there are still no specific sports confirmed for the program.

“We hadn’t gotten that far along,” Brown said. “We had put together a proposal of what it might look like here and shared that with different administrators, but we hadn’t gotten even to the point of identifying which clubs we’ve wanted to look at.”