Chris Brown’s career over?

Daniella Appolonia

It is difficult to believe how quickly the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown transformed from a supportive, wonderful dynamic to an ugly, abusive one. The two entertainers have been dating, to the public’s knowledge, for almost a year and looked like they could not be happier. Yet recently, their relationship has taken a turn for the worst.
News of Brown’s alleged beating and threatening of his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, spread like wildfire after the Grammy Awards earlier this month. The two canceled their performances, causing a stir as to what may have occurred between the two of them that night.
Confirming his involvement, Brown surrendered to the police on Sunday, Feb. 8, and was charged with a felony for his display of domestic violence. He turned himself in to the police the night of the Grammy Awards and posted $50,000 bail to be released.
According to People magazine, a source that knew the couple said, “Chris knocked her around. Black eye, blood, bruises. She had to be treated by a doctor.” Brown fled the scene after attacking Rihanna and it was a nearby witness who called the authorities, not the singer.
Recently, Brown has been attending anger management classes to try to clean up his appearance to the public. He was not required to go by law, yet he wants to make an effort to revamp how his fans and the public perceive him.
To many students at Quinnipiac, the incident was unbelievable. It is difficult for fans of the couple and the singers to imagine something like this happening.
“I feel bad for her and I couldn’t picture him doing that, especially to her because she seems so tough,” sophomore Laura Cobb said. “And, he just seemed like the kind of person that wouldn’t beat his girlfriend.”
Others believe Brown deserves a second chance.
“It’s not like he beat the is just Rihanna,” freshman Anthony Sarni III said. “I like Rihanna and all, but everyone makes mistakes.”
While many fans hope the two will get through this horrific situation, some people cannot seem to justify the violent acts that occurred. After all, a picture of Rihanna’s battered, swollen face leaked on the Internet shortly after the incident and the singer’s injuries were shocking and gruesome.
“I think his career is over,” sophomore Lorena Lima said. “Unless there is a good explanation for why he did what he did, it’s over.”
Brown will certainly face a tough battle with the media to try to clean up his act as well as gain back the respect of the public. This may be one obstacle the couple may not be able to overcome. Brown and Rihanna will take the violent incident to court tomorrow, Thursday, March 5, though the LAPD may decide to postpone in order to further build their case against Brown.