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    Shaping-up for spring break

    With students anxiously counting down the days until Spring Break, a dream vacation on the beach can turn into a self-conscious nightmare if the necessary body revamping is neglected. From magazine clip-out reminders to a yellow polka dot bikini hanging over a scale, students find motivational ways to keep the momentum going in their spring break work out plan.

    Citing the Bahamas, Cancun, Las Vegas, Caribbean Islands and Barcelona (among many others) as this year’s Spring Break destinations, students are determined not to pack on the extra pounds when stuffing their suitcases.

    “I play basketball for cardio four days a week,” freshman Joseph Pantaleo said. “I also work out four days a week on a different body part each day. But each day includes abs.”

    Junior Hilary Cuva, who also spends ample time in the gym in preparation for Spring Break said, “I go to the gym almost every day, and I’m playing intramural basketball.”

    While some students administer their aerobic exercises independently, other students opt for the university aerobic classes.

    “I think the classes work better because there is someone directing you,”senior Cara Brigham said. “I always feel more relaxed and worked out after these classes.” Brigham, who has been working out since January, keeps a routine schedule for herself. “I come to probably three classes a week,” she said. “Some are power yoga and some are just flow yoga.”

    A newcomer to the class, sophomore Rachel Donaher, is motivated to become a frequenting participant.

    “Spring break kind of inspired me,” Donaher said. “I just started this class this semester.”

    Pilates instructor, junior Melissa Boulay, says her class focuses on getting firm regardless of if you’re going on Spring Break. While not specifically catering to the Spring Break weight loss and tone-up frenzy, Boulay provides a couple of tips throughout her workouts for those wanting to redefine their abdominal region.

    “One of the big ones is that if you really want to firm up quickly, do three minutes of plank, which is an upper push-up position,” Boulay said. “It really helps to firm your stomach, sides, legs and butt.”

    In another tip, Boulay recommends watching TV while sitting in a “boat” pose.

    “This is especially for people who are touchy about “flub” while wearing bathing suits,” she said.

    To complete your abs workout, roll-up exercises also strengthen your upper abs.

    “It’s something you can do while you’re in your room or hanging out watching TV,” Boulay said.

    With a focus on restoring physical tone and shedding winter’s extra pounds, it is equally important for students to match their regime with healthy food choices.

    “I drink water and diet soda,” Pantaleo said. “No calorie intake on my drinks. Instead of eating big meals, I just snack during the day.”

    Contrary to student belief that college cafeterias add to your weight woes, Quinnipiac’s Dining Service Manager Bob Bland said there are plenty of healthy choices available for students. As a healthier alternative to the traditionally served hamburgers, Bland recommends Turkey Burgers.

    “They are high in protein and low in fat,” he said.

    Moving along to Mama Leone’s, Bland explained that students can opt for wheat pastas and vegetarian dough with cheese. A student favorite, the Culinary Table, offers steamed vegetables with no oil or salt.

    “If a student wants to bring something themselves, we can make it for them,” Bland said.

    At Zia Smoothies & Juices, Bland encourages students to indulge in the Acai energy drinks for a healthier beverage that will not fall short of tantalizing your taste buds. “It is high in antioxidants, healthy omegas, essential amino acids, and caffeine free energy,”he said.

    With just over a week left to guarantee a successful squeeze into your swimsuit or the picture perfect pecks you’ve been working on, maintain your energy. If you look good, you feel good. Nothing beats Spring Break fun, and the pictures will be sure to prove it.

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