Former president deems SGA ‘lackluster’

Joe Pelletier

“Lackluster” was the word former SGA president Thomas Fortunato used to describe the current administration yesterday at the weekly student government meeting.

Fortunato, a 2002 graduate, spoke to the administration during their Feb. 18 meeting.

“It seems like the spirit and the soul of SGA have been drained a little bit,” Fortunato told SGA members. “You are not puppets to the administration-you are puppets to the students.”

The meeting was SGA’s yearly special appeals meeting, where student organizations requested additional funds accumulated from audits.

“This was the shortest special appeals meeting I’ve ever seen,” Fortunato, now a special education teacher, said. “That would’ve taken us two-and-a-half hours, and if a representative wasn’t here, they wouldn’t have gotten the money.”

Fortunato’s words hit a nerve with a couple of members.

“Frankly I’m insulted,” junior representative Matt Galo said. “It makes us feel like we’re not doing anything.”

But SGA President Sean Geary made no excuses.

“There was more debate two years ago than in the recent past,” Geary said. “I notice now that we’ll debate about the way we govern more than we will discuss making change. SGA needs to find a way to connect to the students again.”

Walts chosen to represent Class of 2010

SGA voted to appoint junior Jennifer Walts to fill the open spot of junior representative during the meeting as well. Walts was formerly a member of SGA, but took time off to focus on her education. During her brief speech to the Student Government, she said she was prepared to handle the responsibilities once again.