Wreck: Toddlers & Tiaras

Matt Busekroos

According to TLC’s “Toddlers and Tiaras,” more than 300,000 children compete in pageants nationwide and these pageants are a “five billion dollar per year industry.” The images of young children in elaborate costumes (which look as though they came straight from a bordello downtown) are absolutely disgusting. Further scenes involving the application of heavy make-up, tanner, and inserting fake teeth and hair is bizarre to witness. These young girls should be kids, not auditioning to be America’s Next Top Whore. The obvious people to blame are these young girls’ parents, who are the stereotypical pageant crazies. It seems a bit much to get these young girls so competitive at a young age and they are not mature enough to grapple with the idea of winning or losing. The wrong message is elicited to them. These pageants have hardly anything to do with the content of a person’s character, but a mix of who has the whitest teeth or the longest eyelashes. This is one train wreck that is too nauseating to watch on repeat.