Rave: Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Mary-Catherine Dolan

It’s a rarity in today’s pop culture that a single show can appeal to both children and adults, but TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8” does just that. This heartwarming family show, in its fourth season, depicts the everyday life of the Central Pennsylvania Gosselin family. After struggling to get pregnant, Jon and Kate turned to fertility treatments and welcomed their brood of eight in the form of twins and sextuplets. The charming cast of characters include twins Maddie and Cara, and little ones Hannah, Alexis, Leah, Collin, Aaden and Joel. With episodes ranging from dentist trips to beach vacations to grocery shopping excursions, there is never a quiet moment for this family of 10. With Jon and Kate’s snappy commentary providing the mature entertainment, the show flows perfectly with all the right amount of laughs, sweet moments and times of utter chaos. Kate is the self proclaimed organized control freak and Jon is the laid back, fun dad. The combination of their opposite personalities while dealing with kids who are being potty trained, getting ready for school or fighting over toys provides for quite the domestic drama. The show is a refreshing portrayal of what reality television is supposed to be – centered on good natured family fun. .anvalues.