Fashion at your fingertips

Sarah Rosenberg

At times, there’s nothing like flipping through the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. Sifting through the innovative fashion advertisements, reading through the lists of the top trends and style tips, and analyzing the crafted outfits on the models is every fashion paramour’s learning ritual. When one is in need of specific fashion advice, the Web has been proven to be the most reliant companion. Online sites offer quick fashion sense without having to sort through the monthly topics of a favorite magazine.

Today, there are a number of different fashion Web sites and forums that contain all of the information you need on clothes, designers, tips, and tricks, making fashion just a little bit more accessible than it has been in the past.

Besides utilizing Google’s gift of infinite search tools and results, there are specific Web sites that should be bookmarked on every trendsetter’s computer. Meshing the concept of fashion and community, “The Fashion Spot” ( is an online site where members can tour through a virtual magazine. Offering a cover story along with feature stories, this site prides itself on inviting visitors to view their take on the latest designer collections. As of late, the Web site has featured stories on new lines from Tracy Reese and Rebecca Taylor. For those interested in worldly fashion, this is the site to travel to. Within a section titled “Sidewalk Café,” viewers can search through candid photos of stylish passersby from London to New York City and everywhere in between. Viewers can view videos as well, for ultimate fashion coverage on fashion shows such as Chanel and the street style of Japan.

During the most crucial events where fashion requires the utmost attention to details, there are often questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. That’s where “Fashion Rules!” ( comes in; a site where members can post the question that’s been keeping them from wearing their favorite jacket in the rain or wearing a certain color to their best friend’s wedding. Registering within the site allows the “Fashion Rules Team” to answer any question that is getting in the way of your ideal fashion plate. In the past, members have posted links of designer dresses they wanted to find at a better price; they’ve posted pictures of celebrities and their red-carpet attire in order to find where to buy it for themselves; or they’ve inquired the staff about what color tights to match their knee-length satin dresses.

“The Web site seems really interesting and easy to use. I will definitely refer to them next time I am having a fashion meltdown,” freshman Ashley Levinson said.

Perhaps the most renowned fashion Web site is, headlined with the words “The Online Home of Vogue.” Maneuvering through this site is indeed a task, as there is always so much to look through. Those who surf through the online “Vogue” are destined to find the most intricate play-by-plays of fall, spring, resort, and men’s fashion shows of every prestigious designer in the world, with a designer directory there for convenient searching.

Slideshows of the designers’ pieces are only a click away, allowing the devotees of any one from Alexander McQueen to Louis Vuitton to score their favorite looks from each show. The site keeps track of high profile red carpet events such as New York City parties, Hollywood store openings for respected designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, and global events such as supermodel Kate Moss’ Icon Award from “Vogue China.”

“It’s really cool to see how the styles and fashions differ throughout numerous parties throughout the country. I feel like by using the Vogue site, I can have a universal style. Who wouldn’t want that?” Levinson said.

With beauty tips, “trend reports,” backstage looks at the makeup of the models, the “shopping guide,” community forums, personal look book options, and a respectable affiliation with, this site will make any visitor feel a little bit more vogue themselves, with all the proper knowledge of a haute couture society.

For the men who want to decorate their closets or update their appearance, “Ask Men” ( is the Web site that adheres not only to the fashion of a man’s wardrobe, but also their lifestyle. Along with links to the top features of health, sports, money, celebrities, cars, and dating, their fashion spreads lie in the best men’s accessories, fashion deals to cope with the economic recession, grooming tips, and the way to master every man’s greatest accessory: confidence.

The accessibility of the Web has led to a whole new world of fashion on the Internet, leaving the latest flats or the current ensembles of Marc Jacobs right at your fingertips. Abiding by the fashionable needs of both men and women, the Web is a virtual newsstand for every shopper or up and coming designer to browse through, without paying the magazine fee or making the troubling decision between “Harper’s Bazaar” or “InStyle.”