Train Wreck: Tatiana del Toro – American Idol

Matt Busekroos

The sound of that dying hyena you hear? That is “American Idol” semi-finalist, Tatiana del Toro! Tatiana, who graced America’s presence in the San Francisco audition episode of the show, hails from Puerto Rico. While Tatiana’s voice is not terrible, her personality grates similar to past contestants. Those contestants, including season four’s Mikalah Gordon and season six’s Sanjaya, had little singing ability. Those two (and others) were kept around for their annoying personalities, which bugged the bejeezus out of me. One of Tatiana’s best moments included her giddy reaction to making it through following her group performance in Hollywood. She specifically thanked the sound guy and blasted all the men in her life who only wanted her for sex. Later, her reaction when it was announced she made the top 36 was gold (her whimpering as she ran to embrace host Ryan Seacrest was the most memorable portion of that episode). Tatiana performed this week in the first group of 12 and we find out tonight whether or not she will make it to the finals of the show. For the sake of this show, which has produced a few legitimate recording superstars, please avoid supporting this train wreck used simply as a pawn by producers for rating’s