Rave: Steve Carrell “The Office”

Matt Busekroos

Steve Carell’s tortured yet hilarious turn in the most recent episodes of NBC’s “The Office” as Michael Scott has solidified his status as one of the best actors on television. In the two-part episode, “Lecture Circuit,” Michael and receptionist Pam (a lovely Jenna Fischer) travel to various branches of Dunder-Mifflin paper company to divulge the success of their Scranton branch. Michael brings along his specially made magic kit to help him with his presentation. He also calls himself “a theatrical person” and growing up he always thought he would become an actor. Michael’s mnemonic memorization device he uses to learn the names of everyone in the room is unorthodox, inappropriate, but so funny. Finally, Michael sees closure as an attainable goal following the lecture in Utica. He wants one final talk with ex-girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan), who was transferred to Nashua early in the season. Once at Nashua, Michael discovers Holly is away at a retreat and is dating one of the sales men in the office. Michael must now wait for his shot at closure with the love of his life. Steve Carell’s performance as a man desperate to come to terms with his past is heartbreaking and worthy of a long overdue Emmy.