WRECK of the week: Vinny raps about rape

Nicole Fano

“Jersey Shore’s” Vinny Guadagnino is certainly no Eminem.

On his YouTube channel, the Guido reality star recently released a rap song titled “Rack City Mix.” While his musical delivery was slow, sad and pathetic, he received the most flack for his lyrical reference to rape.

Vinny sings, “We can f**k and make it fit / Boomin’ s**t and slatin’ it / Actin’ like I’m raping it /  F** k her till she fakin’ it.”

This was a completely brainless career choice for the self-proclaimed “smart one,” who should have learned from the musical failures of his “Shore” castmates.

It’s a shame that publicity and women without morals have created such a womanizer.

The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network was not amused by Guadagnino’s dirty rhymes, and the “Jersey Shore” boy responded with an apology on his personal blog.

“I’d like to apologize for the rap,” he wrote. “I am 100 percent against violence of any kind.”

Mr. Guadagnino should learn to be more careful about what he says, or raps.

Congratulations Vinny, in addition to shaming Italians and the state of New Jersey, you’ve also managed to embarrass the rap industry.