Train Wreck of the Week: The Real Housewives of Orange County

Mary-Catherine Dolan

Bravo’s television cameras have tapped into the lives of real life wealthy housewives in Orange County, New York and Atlanta. This season they are back at it again in the drama filled, plastic surgery obsessed sunny land of California for season four. During a time where unemployment is on the rise and foreclosures are commonplace, “Real Housewives of Orange County” seems anything but. Made up of a similar cast of characters, the show documents the lives of women ranging in their late thirties to early fifties raising their children, buying real estate, going shopping and getting Botox. Two new housewives joined Vicki, the career obsessed workaholic, Jeana, the mellow mom of three and Tamra, the younger wild child mom of three this past season. New girl Lynn has two teenage daughters and her main goal in life is to stay young. The other newbie, Gretchen, is the youngest of the group, who calls a sugar daddy with leukemia her fiancé. Whether you watch it as a guilty pleasure or truly admire their characters, the only thing these women are in need of is a dose of reality themselves.