Rave of the Week: Desperate Housewives

Mary-Catherine Dolan

In its fifth season, Marc Cherry’s “Desperate Housewives” is showing no signs of becoming a trite incumbent prime time television show in ABC’s line up. Creating shockwaves and dramatic twists with every episode, the ladies of Wisteria Lane may not be real, but their problems sure seem like it. With a tornado destroying the quiet drama filled suburb in season four, season five took a risk when it fast forwarded the characters lives five years into the future. In a show that makes its audience gasp in all the right places, sigh during a romantic scene and contemplate the meaning of life and true friends, “Desperate Housewives” is a show that has something for everybody. “Housewives” is a Sunday night escape into a world where the women are gorgeous and powerful, while the men are complacent trying to follow their lead. Scandalous and addictive, yes, desperate-anything but.