Drake takes good care on sophomore release

Vanessa Scafe

Fans want to know if Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care” can match expectations, and more importantly, can it match the success of “Thank Me Later,” his debut album. With clever rhymes and substantial features from some of musics big names: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder, Rick Ross, Andre 3000, and newcomers Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd, Drake takes care to fall into the same creative niche he’s successfully carved for himself over the years.

As expected with most albums in this day and age, the album leaked online 10 days before its scheduled release date. The rapper/singer recently said in an interview with Billboard, “I look forward to leaks — knock on wood. I shouldn’t probably, but I do. If it’s a reasonable leak, I look forward to it … And that’s something I’d be extremely excited about because I feel like if people get the opportunity to live with the music for a week before they go buy it, it’s only gonna help me, not hurt me.”

The best songs on the album are the most unexpected. Upon first glancing at the track list, some might be taken aback that he has a song with Stevie Wonder. But on “Doing It Wrong,” the crooner created a soulful ballad that anyone with a heart can relate to. To top it off, he ended with a harmonica solo from the legendary Wonder that could send chills down listeners spines, and bring one close to tears. Then there is the ode to his mother in “Look What You’ve Done.” On this track he strays away from the persona that is Drake the rapper, and he tells a story as just Aubrey, his birth name.

Critics will say that Drake has created an album that matches, if not surpasses the hype of his debut, because it’s made up of the same content. One might pose the question: has he progressed has an artist?

Drake’s signature is that he creates songs that the masses can relate to with lyrics about the ups and downs in personal relationships whether it be with family or a significant other. As long as he sticks to that formula, he’ll keep selling records.

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