Memoirs of a transfer

Julia Bucchianeri

Being a transfer student can be incredibly difficult at first, especially when you transfer halfway through the year. I can say this because I’ve been there, as I transferred to Quinnipiac second semester of my freshman year. Winter break is over and now all of the other students are coming back to campus to reunite with their friends. They’ll talk about their break and what they did; many of them discussing their visits to one another’s homes. The memories they created over first semester will be brought up numerous times and you might feel like you’ll never be on the same level with your new roommates or hall-mates. But do not fear! It gets easier and better each day. If you’re feeling frustrated about your transfer situation here are a few tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.
As a freshman moving onto campus – most likely into a room that already had a couple people living together for all of first semester – do not take the cold shoulder personally. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute: after living with one other person for over three months you probably wouldn’t feel like changing your room’s dynamic around either. Now, in no way am I condoning any rude or unwelcoming attitudes that your new roommates might have toward you, but my point is that they would be that way to anyone. So, don’t take it personally, they were going to be like that even before they found out your name or checked you out on Facebook. Also, give them time to warm up to you. Both of you need to feel each other out and see how each person lives because moving into a tiny room with two or three strangers is an interesting event no matter what semester you come to campus.
I know that sophomore and junior transfers are placed into Whitney Village with other transfer students – a concept that I have yet to understand – and I think it is even harder for them to make the transition to Quinnipiac. Since I have not personally experienced that living situation, the only advice I can give would be to try and be on campus as much as possible. Pay attention to the events that are going on around campus and attend some of them with your new roommates or classmates, they will soon be some of your closest friends I assure you.
Get involved, step out of your comfort zone, go to sporting events and join a club that you might not generally be interested in – you’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have. Try to embrace every part of Quinnipiac. The school has so many opportunities for you to grow, to learn and to meet new people that you wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. Finally, just be patient. Transitioning to a new school does not happen overnight. Making new friends and learning where all of your classes are does not happen right away. Give the process some time and you will love Quinnipiac as much as I have come to love it.