WRECK: The City

Matt Busekroos

The first time Whitney Port showed up on MTV’s The Hills, she seemed like a nice work companion alongside star Lauren Conrad. Since the inexplicable rise of The Hills, MTV thought it was a good idea to give Whitney her own spin-off series. The City follows Port as she “works” for designer Diane von Furstenberg. According to a source via the New York Post, “[Whitney] doesn’t really work. She is hardly in the office.” Those who actually do work for von Furstenberg are reportedly uprooted from their work stations so MTV can film the show as Whitney pretends to do work. The cast and situations are inauthentic and the show’s depiction of living in New York City is unrealistic. While realism has never been a strong suit for these shows, The City portrays a false sense of what it is actually like to go out into the real world looking for a job during a recession and living in an expensive city like New York.