Romance and Quinnipiac — Not the Ideal Cocktail

Sarah Rosenberg

After reading an article featured in the New York Times, my mother advised me to listen to the idea that love chooses us, and not the other way around. I wondered why she was so gung ho about the author’s stance on romance, but after years of dating and marriage experience, the woman most likely knows a thing or two about sentimental love maxims. However, my mother didn’t attend a small private school for four years with an uneven female-to-male ratio. What is love to Quinnipiac, anyway?

Sometimes it seems like your chances for romance lie in a couple of dances and stolen kisses at Toad’s with the same person and an awkward “hello” in the library the following Monday, until next weekend when the cycle repeats itself. Or, maybe the Greek organization you participate in allows you to socialize with the opposite sex for philanthropic purposes and formals, thus leading to actual relationships.

However, I can’t help but think that finding “love” at this school, however you so choose to define that word, is near impossible. Most girls at this school will tell you that the overwhelming presence of women compared to men on this campus is deterring, and they’re right. Unless we’re business majors, finding someone from your classes to take home to the family is laughable.

For one, the dating game becomes animalistic — Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory applies to us girls here. We literally have to compete with each other for the crème de la crème of the school. Have you ever noticed the amount of effort girls put in to go out on a Saturday night, or even just to spend a full day at class? Many girls here take their appearance extremely seriously, focusing almost every day on their makeup, hair and clothing choices to lend to their overall look. It’s intimidating, but you’ll never rebel and step foot in a bar without looking like a mannequin out of Forever 21. Neither will I.

Unfortunately, this uneven gender ratio seems to lead to the inevitable swapping of couples, dates and weekend hookups. Equally, this school seems to turn the cliché of men in the “Friend Zone” on its head — Quinnipiac females are the ones in danger of being thrown into the Friend Zone, simply because there’s just too many of us.

Romance may be a difficult feat to attain at Quinnipiac, but we all know that there are certain people here that will always keep our hearts aflutter (Arnold, anyone?). Plus, as a wise friend once said to me, “Don’t go to college to meet your husband, go to college to meet your bridesmaids.” If love really does choose us, and it’s just not at Quinnipiac, I’m cool with that — as long as my girlfriends here are as awesome as Kristen Wiig and her fellow bridesmaids on the big screen.