Merritt on trial

Matt Ciepielowski

Former Quinnipiac student Charles Merritt is scheduled to go to court tomorrow to stand trial for hate crimes.

As of Sunday, Merritt had not entered a plea.
Merritt was arrested on Oct. 29 for hate crimes that occurred in Dana English Hall on Oct. 24 and 25. He was charged with three counts of intimidation based on bigotry and bias, three counts of first-degree harassment and three counts of disorderly conduct.

Students who live in the area said that racial slurs were written on the doors of black freshman basketball players. There were also drawings of a swastika and a person hanging from a noose.

Merritt was the third of four Quinnipiac students arrested this year for the series of hate crimes that have occurred. Also arrested were Emily LoSchiavo, Courtney Stellwag and Harold Washington. It was later discovered that LoSchiavo and Stellwag’s crimes were unrelated.

Washington, who was a member of the basketball team, was arrested on Nov. 14. According to the Hamden Police Department, he was one of the victims of the crime that Merritt was arrested in connection with.