Artist Highlight: The Audition

The Audition’s front-man, Danny Stevens, is far from the stereotypical rock star. The lead singer hung around after the band’s Fall Concert performance to talk music with The Chronicle. He even spoke about Myspace and where he thinks the music industry is headed with all the music downloading.

Q: How long have you guys been a band?
A: We’ve been coming out as a band for four years now.
Q: Where did your name come from?
A: It’s actually a Japanese horror film that after it was released a lot of people actually killed themselves. It was called “The Audition.”
Q: Describe your sound.
A: It’s a little bit of everything. It’s like rock n roll, pop, r&b, hip-hop. We’re influenced by so many things. I guess to put a name on it we’re a pop-rock band at heart. But we have moments of hip-hop and then we have moments of country. It’s what we love. We don’t want to specify ourselves to one type.
Q: Do you feel that coming from a city like Chicago has had an influence on your music?
A: I don’t think so because I’m not from Chicago. I’m from Detroit so that definitely has had no influence on me whatsoever. But the other guys, it’s had a little bit of an impact. Everybody else is from Chicago but maybe for the other guys it’s the fact that they played with all of Chicago bands all the time. You know a lot of times you just feed off of each other. But other than that no.
Q: What’s your favorite song off of “Champion” and why?
A: I think “Have Gun, Will Travel.” That’s the last song on the record. That was like my baby. It was my baby of the record. But to play “Basbhat,” it’s really hipper then anything we’ve ever done. The chorus hits really hard and it’s really hip-hop. It’s just a lot of fun to play and it’s cool. When people don’t know who we are, when it hits they just kind of look and it’s groovy. That it’s really cool.