“808s and Heartbreak” nothing special

Kevin Lo

If this is the best Kanye could do to follow “Graduation,” then he needs to go back to school. Ok, all jokes aside, “808s & Heartbreaks” really isn’t that bad. As a matter of fact, it’s almost good.almost! While many reviews and critics will probably overrate this album simply because it is Kanye West, don’t give in to the hype. Without the swag, personality and critical acclaim from his 3 previous LPs, this album is the typical pop hip-hop we have been accustomed to hearing.

Kanye has approached this album with a different vision than his three previous projects. He has referred to “808’s & Heartbreaks” as a form of therapy. Since his previous release, “Graduation,” Kanye has lost his mother to a battle with cancer, ended his relationship with Alexis Phifer and has even been arrested. Everything from the beats, lyrics and song structure reflect the pain, grief and sadness he has endured over this time.